The Istikbal brand Furniture & Bedding has come to be known and loved by millions of consumers in over 80 countries. In just a short number of years the Istikbal brand has been growing in the U.S. and achieving great success and consumer acceptance. Istikbal represents the finest in skilled Turkish workmanship, quality and brand loyalty.

Bellona was founded in 1997, in the heart of Turkey, dedicated to stylish city living and fashion forward design. This brand has developed fashion and functional furniture with dependable quality to every room in the home. Each collection satisfies the modern user’s needs for fashion, function, styling and quality in every product produced.

Our newest brand was launched in 2006 to address excitement in color, fabrics and design. Mondi captures the latest trends producing a wide variety of products for the home including youth and infant rooms. Mondi is quickly becoming the third largest furniture brand in Turkey and in Europe and will surely follow that success in the U.S. market.