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Silence Mattress
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So, what is Functional
Sofa In A Box?
You’ve heard of a mattress in a box and a stationary sofa in a box, but what about a 3 function sleeper sofa with a built-in storage unit in a box? Bellona's Functional Sofa In A Box was created with every unique lifestyle in mind. It's an innovative product for those who demand Fashion + Function as well as easy delivery and effortless set-up!

It It’s time to say goodbye to complicated shipping, impossible to maneuver oversized frames, trouble fitting your sofa through stairways or doorways, and complex time-consuming assembly. This compact and virtually effortless to assemble sleeper and storage sofa comes in the perfect size for your house, apartment, cabin, guest house, RV, houseboat, dormitory or any other space you can think of to nestle it into.
UPS Shippable
Fits Through Any Door
Multi-Room Use
Assembled in 5 Minutes
Stain Resistant Fabric
3 Functions in One

Hudson Makes It Easy.

With brands at the intersection of style and simplicity, Hudson takes pride in offering contemporary sofas with the versatility and look for any lifestyle.

With full size mattresses and built-in storage, our selections are perfect for defining large spaces, enhancing small apartments, and even adding extra functionality to downsized living. Contact us today.


Behind the Scenes:
Hudson Manufacturing

Take a peek behind the scenes of Hudson Furniture & Bedding. Get a firsthand look at the hard work and attention to detail our team puts into all our proven, on trend products. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Turkey have over 10 million square feet of production space. In a single day, we manufacture 6,000 sofa beds, 5,000 mattresses, 2,500 bed foundations, and 300,000 square feet of cased home decor products. These facilities use advanced robotics and manufacturing to provide the finest quality products to you right here in the US. Our machines do most of the heavy lifting while our people add the finishing touches. This enables us to mass manufacture and meet the high demand for our products while still giving them the personalized and detailed care that you expect and appreciate. Combining our advanced technology with our team of expertly skilled craftsmen, we have all the capacity we need to provide products that aim to exceed expectations. Our internal sourcing of all raw materials delivers an unrivaled level of quality control. We manufacture and oversee every component of our products from inside our own facilities using our patented technologies, from durable steel framework and individually pocketed coils to detailed fabric weaving and cooling memory foam production. Precision quality testing is performed at every stage of production and is linked to our integrated technology management system. Each piece of every product is double checked to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to bring you the highest quality furniture possible. When you think Hudson Furniture & Bedding, you should think expertise, quality, and efficiency. We stand behind our promise of making the entire process seamless for you, from manufacturing all the way to your store.

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